Your Local Automotive Servicing & Remapping Centre

Established in North Walsham, Norfolk, Coastal Motorsport leverages decades of motorsport experience to deliver automotive services. With a racing legacy tracing back to the 1980s and launching as a full-service garage in 2023, we unite our passion for high-performance cars and racing to serve automotive enthusiasts and local drivers alike.

Rooted in Racing History

Norfolk’s very own Coastal Motorsport evolved from a successful race team. Our storied past in AMOC Intermarque, classic sports car club, and Bernies V8s has honed our expertise, enhancing the services we offer today.

Premium Automotive Services

We offer a broad spectrum of services from routine maintenance, advanced diagnostics to bespoke vehicle customisation. We treat every car as if it were our own race car.

Performance Upgrades

Driven by a love for performance, we help transform your road-going car into a track-worthy ride. We offer upgrades and aesthetic enhancements to match your performance aspirations.

Experienced Team

Our team includes experienced engineers, race drivers, and motorsport enthusiasts. We combine our diverse skills to ensure our customers always experience the highest level of service.

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